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Date: Sat Jan 26 09:28:31 2002

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> You're thinking about a PC-CHIPS mobo, which came out a little later than the
> first "fast" '286 I got. The one I kept, however, was a later PC-CHIPS NEAT


I'm not referring to chipset maker, I'm referring to maker of MB
pcchips used to do "PC Mate" I think also. I agree CHIPS is good
chipset on 286 boards especially single chipset type. But I'm not
too impressed w/ 386 and 486 that used CHIPS chipsets, lackluster
performance and very delicate both settings and they breakdown
easily. 82C206 is always blowing like fuses for any reason
especially by CHIPS, anything else that made this clone of this
82C206 is much better. I remmeber now, CHIPS is Chipset and
Technologies, in short: C&T.

> One thing I did determine back then was that Win3.0 and later, v3.1x, ran
> faster on the '286 at a given clock rate than did a '386 at the same rate. I
> suppose this was at least in part because the first thing the software did was
> lie to the CPU and tell it, "OK ... you're a '286 now ..."


My primary reasons for having 386DX early on was full 32bits and
speed, games likes 386DX. (WC II) I can buy a 386SX board but
that's kidding myself to straw-pipe of 16 bits to memory.

> By '91, folks were playing with their '486's.

I got it well after '93, AMD 486DX 40 o/c'ed to 50 once I found a
good motherboard for it much later, turned out a clone motherboard w/
SiS 460, 8 pieces of cache chips for 256K, 2 xVLB.

> Dick


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