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> HP85s have 2 ways of chewing tapes, both fixable (normally). If the
> optical EOT sensor fails, then it'll run the tape off the spool. Often
> just cleaning the sensor will fix it. If not, then the electronics is not
> that complicated IIRC.
> The other (and more common) way is for the drive roller to run to glue. I
> have heard that silicone rubber tubing of the right diamter will fix
> this. As I've got some other HP machines where this has happened (9825,
> 9831, etc) I am going to have to investigate the exact methods of repair.
It's the old "drive roller turned to glue" problem. I need to fix a 9825 as
I tried a few TV/HI-FI repair shops and asked "where can I get one of these
or something similar ?"
My question was followed by "Have you got a part Number ? " Grrrrrr :-(

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