For:Pro's Only....

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sat Jan 26 23:36:58 2002

  If you got that, I'm probably talking to you....
  Is anybody interested in buying/trading for -

  1 Fortune Systems video console
  1 Fortune Systems ASCII terminal
  1 Fortune Systems keyboard
  2 Fortune Systems floppy drives?? Full-height 5.25" with very
        strange latch
  1 2 lb. bag of misc. cables
  1 256k 32:16 RAM expansion, tagged defective

  1 For:Pro for 32:16 Installation Instructions
  1 Introductuion to For:Pro
  1 Fortune Systems Tape Streamer User's Guide {1}
  1 Using Fortune Terminals
  1 Fortune Interactive Terminal Emulator
  1 Fortune:Word Operators' Guide
  1 Fortune:Word Reference Guide
  1 Fortune:Multiplan Professional Tools

5.25" Floppy Disks:
  1-of-1 Fortune Diagnostic Disk {2}
                Process & Instrumentation Design
                Support Diskette v4.0

  3-of-? For:Pro Cold-Boot {2}

  3-of-3 Single-User For:Pro
                Release Level 1.7/J3

  1-of-1 Multiuser For:Pro (Domestic)
                System Tools Series

  1-of-1 Meet Your Fortune System
                Training and Education Series

  1-of-1 Language Development Tools
                System Tools Series

  1-of-1 C
                System Tools Series

  1-of-1 For:Pro 1.7 Upgrade
                System Tools Series

  1-of-1 Fortune Word - Promotional
                Software Not For Resale
                Release level 1.0/E3

  1-of-1 Fortune Word - Promotional
                Software Not For Resale
                Release level 1.1/E3

  1-of-1 Multiplan - Promotional
                Software Not For Resale

  1-of-1 Multiplan Master - Promotional
                Software Not For Resale

  1-of-1 Business Basic - Promotional
                Software Not For Resale

  2-of-2 General Ledger - Promotional
                Software Not For Resale

  1-of-1 C - GKS
                Beta Test
                Release level 1.0d/?

  1-of-1 Tektronix (R) 401X Emulator

  15-or-20 Unlabelled or illegibly labelled floppies. Apparently
                related to the Fortune stuff.

  {1} Software Documentation in box which should, but doesn't, contain
        5.25" disks

  {2} P&ID floppy with printed or typed label. Label is identical to
        the Fortune Systems floppies except for the logo.

  {3} These are BASF floppies with handwritten labels

  Unless otherwise noted, all floppies appear to be the "official"
distribution, with the Fortune Systems logo on the label. Floppies are
NOT in great shape, mostly distorted and warped from heat or moisture.
I'm guessing they're probably readable, about *once*.
I'm selling/trading ALL this as-is. I don't have a 32:16 system unit
(everything but...), so it's all untested.

  ***** Just so there are no misconceptions or misrepresentations, I am
NOT a charitable organization. I spend a crapload of time and money on
this hobby, and anytime I can make it turn a profit, I will leap for
joy. *****

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