Need manual URL/hardcopy for HP Netserver LX Pro 6/200 server

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sun Jan 27 01:01:29 2002

Colin, reply to me off-list at - I got the unit today and
also bought a second processor board to replace the terminator board, and am
looking for wheels. Many times places that rackmount or stack servers have
the wheel sets and aprons stashed and are willing to trade or sell them.
Everything on it is perfect, just no wheels and no apron, which I assumed by
he pics.

Also to anyone on thelist that is curious of the seller and their viability - I went up and picked the unit
up in Columbus OH today and I got more than the auction stated and a
beautiful server to boot. They even helped me load it. I am very impressed
and happy with the seller and the machine. Now to get this thing running
quad Pro 200's and get an OS on it. I might try 2000 Server but since that's
too new for the list (and my Microtest Discport 14) I guess NT Server 4 SP
6.01 is good enough - it works for me anyway.

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Russ --

Let me know if you need any other resources for this
system. We're still using this model -- after four
years of co-habitation, I couldn't know them much
better. We have four or five of these, and one
ultra-rare LXr-Pro8. I get around to doing a fresh
build on them every 4 months or so. That's because
they're part of our benchmarking equipment pool. So
they get reconfigured very regularly. The performance
engineering folks (myself included) use them. And they
certainly do perform well, even if they are bordering
on classic status. I understand you have a source for
manuals already. So anything else you need, please let
me know.

One word of advice. I'd leave the RAM in. It's the RAM
that keeps them running like much newer equipment,
since there aren't that many applications that'll peg
a quad, even an old one, they'll run best with
everything resident in main. Second piece of advice,
put a better video card in. There's an embedded one --
but it's a flicker-fest at anything higher than

Colin Eby
Senior Consultant
CSC Consulting

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