TSU05 Docs?

From: Andreas Freiherr <Andreas.Freiherr_at_Vishay.com>
Date: Sun Jan 27 11:18:13 2002

> Also: When were the TS05 and its controllers released? I'm guessing
> mid-80s.

The TSV05 (Q-bus) was first (in 1984, I think), followed by the TSU05
(UNIBUS). I have some docs about TSV05 at home, so I might be able to
find more precise data (I am currently in the office). Chips on my M7455
UNIBUS board bear date stamps like "8425" or "8432" on it, so I assume
the board may have been made around Q4/1984.

The only hint I found so far was that early TSU05s (UNIBUS) were not
able to boot RSX-11/M in a PDP-11 (probably due to a firmware problem).
The hint from 1984 says a firmware update is expected to be released
"within the next six months", IIRC. Once booted from another device, RSX
can happily use the tape, though.

Andreas Freiherr
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