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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Sun Jan 27 20:19:31 2002

> Once long ago I had a IBM-2310 Disk storage unit ( single drive ).
> Nothing like 250+ LB floppy capacity drive running off of 240 VAC.
> With a 500,000 16 bit word capacity per removable media many aps
> never used a file sytem but just wrote directly to the disk.

2311, perhaps? A cool drive, in many aspects. It is a quite early design
(1965). I have one of these, but no media (anyone have one? I think it is
called a 2316), and it will remain quite braindead, as I do not have the
2841 control unit. The 2311 does almost nothing - very little electronics
in the box, other than the read/write amplifiers. Almost everything is
in the control unit, including the power supplies.

The coolest thing about 2311s is the method used to drive the heads - it
is hydraulic. These drives are full of oil lines, a little pump, and even
a little cup to catch the leaks.

Do you have any parts or information about this drive left? I would be
very interested, as I would like to get the thing at least spinning some day.

William Donzelli
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