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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Sun Jan 27 22:55:46 2002

> I don't think cheap was the problem, overkill was. That was a complex
> drive for fast control. Also too was the fact this was big $$$
> equipment so they had no reason make really simple but rather built
> to last.

What I meant was that the control for a 2311 in an 1131 is the cheap
kludge - one shots, delays, and the like - when compared to the "real"
controller, the 2841. This control unit was very complex - probably more
so that an entire 1130 system.

I have no real engineering data (Big Blue Binders) on the 2841, but it
actually would not suprise me is the 1131 or 1800 was the processor inside
(or maybe a modified version).

William Donzelli
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