Schneider AG bankrupt

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Jan 28 07:59:38 2002

It seams like the Schneider AG, once famous maker of the
CPC Series Computers (well, OEM of the Amstrad CPCs) and
later on of more or less IBM compatible machines (in the
beginning less later on more :) is finaly bankrupt - in
an as hoc notice the company declared they will officialy
stop bussines and file an 'Insolvenzantrag' today.

Schneider stoped to make computers some years ago, but
was still a name to know in A/V Electronic. Tey own a
real lot of patents around modern Display technology,
digital recording and HDTV. Especialy their relativly
new Laser projection system ins unique.

Well, there goes the hope to get cheap laser systems


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