VT131 needs keyboard help

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Mon Jan 28 15:20:23 2002

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> > The reason I'm asking about the brand is that there was another
> > terminal at the junk yard, completely trashed, which looked like
> > a VT100, but had a completely different branding. I forget the
> > brand right off, but I'm afraid I may have picked up the keyboard
> > for the dead terminal, and that it may not be compatible at all.

> Maybe a Plessey terminal? I had two which looked just like a
> VT100 from
> the outside, but had different (Plessey-made) logic inside, and
> incompatible keyboards.

Possibly -- I don't remember the branding right off. The problem, though, is that this is the only vt100-looking keyboard they have. :/ So if it's not the right one, (my current assumption until I figure out something else), then I'm at a loss as to where to find one.

> I vaguely remember something like a flashing "4" in the top
> corner of my
> VT131 if the keyboard wasn't connected. Maybe not exactly that, but
> something of the sort.

Mine does that too -- the same flashing 4 I get when the keyboard _is_ plugged in. :)



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