Need source for high current HP type (with dimple) 14 or 16AWG 110vac power cord

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Mon Jan 28 15:29:12 2002

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Subject: RE: Need source for high current HP type (with dimple) 14 or
16AWG 110vac power cord

On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Russ Blakeman wrote:

> I'd really like to find an attachable (screws/solder/etc) type to put
> on my own cable and I could even wire this to a disconnect/safety box
> on the wall and make it doubly safe. I'm running the server with one
> of the 410 watt redundant power supplies out right now as it's not
> need yet and saves the curent draw from 12 amps down to 8, making the
> 18 AWG cable safe since I heated ina groove with a soldering iron and
> then trimmed the melted flash off t he sides of the groove.

Actually, since these are switching supplies that are wired in parallel,
pulling one power supply won't change the max current draw. Adding or
removing drives and boards would change the max current draw. With two
power supplies handling the load instead of three, the two just end up
taking more of the distributed load. The 12A current draw I imagine is the
max inrush rating, not what the unit would normally draw. HP would have
come up with this rating by completely loading the system with the max
boards, drives and memory that could be added, checking the inrush current
draw, then adding some safety margin to that. You really should check the
systems present current draw with an amp meter, however.


I pondered that too but since I have a proper cable coming in with my
heatsinks for the added Pros and 2 50 pin SCSI -I headers to an external
HPDB50 SCSI-II for my Microtest 14 cd tower then within a week I'll have the
thing hooked to a separately breakered circuit in the shop (instead of the
living room, as much as I like it as a side table). Once it's in place I'm
going to Win2k server which is why I need the SCSI adapters since the
interface doesn't have updated software (discview) support for anything
other than Novell and NT 3 and 4. The adapters allow me to swap it back to
original if I decide to stick with NT 4 server too rather than chopping
things up to make it a standadrd style cabled rack.
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