VT131 needs keyboard help

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Mon Jan 28 16:27:26 2002

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> From: Carlini, Antonio [mailto:Antonio.Carlini_at_riverstonenet.com]

> That really is VT101 and not a typo (unless they
> messed up in the manual) so it looks like
> the VT131 is a modified VT100 series terminal.

Indeed, I've been lead to believe that this was the case.
I've been assuming that is correct for now.

> I've missed the rest of the thread ... is there
> a part number on the keyboard?

No identifying marks whatsoever, that I can see. :/

> There is a pocket service guide for the VT100 at:

Thanks for the links. I'll see what they can tell me.



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