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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Mon Jan 28 17:43:14 2002

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> On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Christopher Smith wrote:

> > Hear Hear. Though, I may listen when Athlons have casters and a
> > respectable console firmware with "deposit" and "examine" commands,
> > at least. Bonus points if you can't get them to run windows should
> > your life depend on it.

> Does it count if you can never remember your W2k password?
> Seems like
> I have to reinstall every time i boot to Windows. Wait.
> *Everybody* has
> to do that.

Heh -- No, but maybe you should get extra points for pointing out the
obvious, there ;)

I'm pretty sure your RT counts on at least the point of having a proper
system monitor, though. :) Honestly, I don't have many machines with
wheels, myself.... I have two now, and a few that _should_ have wheels,
but don't, which may also count... Gotta get one of those nice BA-123s
for one of my MicroVAXen.


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