Not-so-OT point of philosophy

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Jan 28 21:36:09 2002

> I started internal medicine rotation at the Loma Linda VA Hospital today
> and noted that the entire place is crawling with WinTerms (by Wyse, no less),
> running WinCE, connected via Citrix to a Win2K Advanced Server host. There
> are only a few "real" PCs there -- in fact, I think the Macs might outnumber
> them.

On a slightly related note, has anyone seen a VNC Terminal yet? I got an
add for them a while back. While they're basically the same thing as a
WinTerm, they strike me as being more usable as VNC is better supported than

> Before all of you cry off-topic, doesn't it seem odd to anyone we're now
> full circle and back to low-power terminals connected to a "mainframe," now
> that corporate America has gotten off its fat client kick?

Where I work PC's are basically used as X-Terminals that can run office
apps if needed. If I understand this .NET thing (doubtful), it sounds to me
like they're heading even closer to a Mainframe type style of computing.

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