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From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 00:11:14 2002

Quothe Matthew Sell, from writings of Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 10:11:43PM -0600:
> The only problem is, we're using an operating system made for a single user
> and a modest number of processes, and we've allowed Mickeysoft to turn it
> into a pseudo multi-user "enterprise" server platform.

Hey, all of M$ is annoying, but at least Micro$oft gives us a few
laughs in a perverse sort of way...

> I've been using W2K for a little while now for my development platform, and

Why? When did you first become aware of having a masochistic tendency
to crave being abused by sadistic computer software? If only someone
had found those copies of PC-World magazines hidden under your
mattress in time to help you... ;-)

> it still sucks compared to WinNT 4. It's sad that as the computing

Which, like all of the other OS wannabees from M$, sucks when compared
to UNIX, VMS, AOS/VS, MVS, MPE-IV, Accent, POS, and even CP/M. M$-DOS
may have it's limited uses when it's windowing interface isn't
attached; however, thinking of that as a useful OS is hypothetically
able to induce usefulOSophobia in some people predisposed to various
disorders preventing them from differentiating useful operating
systems from computer viruses pretending to be useful operating

> community, we've allowed Mickeysoft to peddle this desktop "operating
> system" as a server platform.

Please don't included me in that "we've," since I don't use those
viruses from Micro$oft.

> These are just my opinions, YMMV. For the small market I deal with, and the
> situations that my software is called upon, MS is an absolutely stupid
> choice for a server.

Isn't M$ an insipid choice for anything, except for inspiring dark
humor? :-)

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