Anyone wants a Micron Exceed for MAC Se30?

From: Claude.W <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 00:48:44 2002

Hi all

While cleaning up and tossing stuff I found a Micron Exceed video card for
MAC Se/30.
This was gonna go into garbage...but I looked it up and saw that it could be
considered rare (...) and perhaps I should not thrash it and get it to
someone who can appreciate it.
I am not a big ebay-er seller or buyer, so I am offering it here. Trade
offers, no $. I saw these going for $60 to $500 depending on model (!!???)
I am looking for SGI and SUN equip...
Its model no 306-48. Searching www says its for 640 x 480 external VGA on a
Se/30 also works on a IIsi (?).
I have the card only, not the cable or connector for the monitor but the
connector is a 6 X 2 pin common IDC connector and it would be easy to make a
Card is untested but it looks fine...I can send you a pic...I remember
sticking it a Se30 way back and computer worked but did not test card video
Contact me by email.
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