Searching for old DEC 12V frontpanel bulbs

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 08:31:32 2002

--- Brian Knittel <> wrote:
> Check out Chicago Miniature Lamp. They seem to be
> one of the only remaining manufacturers of tiny
> incandescent lamps.

Thanks for the tip.
> I've found it hard to find distributors
> who'll sell fewer than 100 lamps, though.

I'm not worried about quantity... If I sum up all the spots for
these bulbs in one panel, it's something on the order of 70 bulbs
(Straight-8 - 4 ranks of 12 bits plus LINK, plus 6 EMA bits, plus
state bits, plus decoded instruction type). I'm not too worried
about price - they cost what they cost, if it's $0.50 in quantity
or $2.00 each.

I got my PDP-8/i because the previous owner didn't want to pay for
a fistful of bulbs from DEC at $2.00 each. I had a dead -8/L
front panel with enough bulbs to fix the -8/i and I was in business.

Not all of them are defective, true, but if I needed to replace
6 bulbs, I wouldn't buy just 6. I know I need at least 20 bulbs
and I wouldn't be surprised if I needed more. Such is the price
of antiquity.


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