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From: Pat Finnegan <pat_at_purdueriots.com>
Date: Tue Jan 29 15:00:13 2002

On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Lawrence LeMay wrote:

> 4) If you get a cheap card that supports video capture better than
> 320x240, you forgot to read the fine print. That better resolution is
> for grabbing a single frame only. There are expensive cards that
> supposedly can do 640x480, one of these days I might just plunk down a
> few hundred to find out...

I have an IOMega Buz.. a few years old, and it's always done 640x480 video
capture just fine. It uses a hardware-based MJPEG (motion jpeg) codec, so
it's not consuming 6M of space per second of video, and the quality is

The main problem (and why IOMega discontinued it) is that it's not quite
compatible with some motherboards. Being PCI, it works fine though in a
Mac, as long as you get their Mac drivers for it. Like I said, I've never
had troubles, and using Linux I don't have to worry about a 2G file size
limit <g>. I got it on eBay a couple years ago for $80-ish, and I'm sure
you could find one for much less than that now...

-- Pat
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