Packrat genome project questions

From: Chris <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 14:49:17 2002

>How many people on this list still have their 1st computer? second? third?
>every computer you ever used/owned?

The only computer I *owned* that I don't still have is my Lisa (it was a
2 I believe). All the others I still have, and are still operational
(although not in use). Although, with the exception of my personal Mac
SE, I can't say for 100% sure that the computers I have are the actual
computers that were at my house growing up. There was much swapping
between home and my father's company, so the ones I now have in my
custody may actually have been company purchased ones, and not the
"original" ones at my house (but they are all the same model... Apple
II+, 128k Mac, Mac Plus and up from there)

In addition, I still have in my custody at least one of every model/type
of computer I have used on a regular basis (I don't count things that I
sat down at somewhere, played with for 5 minutes, and then moved on).
That includes things like an IBM 5110, IBM System 23, IBM PC, XT, AT,
PCjr, Apple IIe, and up from there.

The only things I used on a regular basis that I do NOT own (or more
correctly, have in my custody, as technically I don't own things like the
IBM 5110), are a Commodore PET, a Northstar (Advantage ?), and a Kaypro
II. I doubt I will ever bother getting those (well, maybe a PET) because
I am out of room, and have had to start to narrow down what I
keep/collect... so things like a Commodore 64 was just passed on to
someone else (although, someplace I have two more of them, just not
complete systems like I just gave away... when I dig them up, I will pass
them on as well)

I also don't count things like the numurous, nameless, AT clones that
have passed thru my hands... I lump them all into the "type" catagory, so
my IBM AT counts for all the 286 and AT clones, and I have a 386, 486,
and so on... but like some of the machines I have had to dump do to
space, I will probably cease to worry about those, and narrow it down to
just the ones I consider to be "cool".


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