Packrat genome project questions

From: John Allain <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 15:02:33 2002

Such an open question, durnit!
I'll spare some of the boring ones.

1: think-a-tron. Don't have it. See #2.
2: MiniVac601.
    Hmmm, a one bit adder. But you could do anything!
    To a six-year-old it was like Will Smith in "ID4".
    We didn't own it but it was the first "real" hw that made
    it into the house. Found one a while back.
    ---- school ----
3: HP 25 doing funky machine language. Own now, not then.
4: IBM 3033 running MTS. Don't have.
5: IBM 5100 BASIC/APL on summer break. Still cant find one!
6: Prime 500/750 running Imlacs PDS'es. see #7
    ---- after school ----
7: PDP 11/34 running RSX-11M. Just got one last year.
    DEC stayed alive 10 years longer than Prime for
    good reason. After I got a chance to learn, DECs
    always seemed better
   . . .
   I'm sort of weight conscious. The next computer up was
   a VAX 11/780. MicroVaxes do suffice.
   . . .
30: IBM PVS running Mach Unix. Find That!
   . . .

  Yes, Stuff I used is definitely a collection focus.

John A.
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