Packrat genome project questions

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 19:28:41 2002

> How many people on this list still have their 1st computer? second? third?
> every computer you ever used/owned?

The first computer I ever used, at the tender age of seven, was my dear Tomy
Tutor and I still own it. It is in perfect working order.

The second computer was a C64 (natch) but the PLA died on it a few years back
and I stripped it for parts, the third was a C128 (natch) that suffered a
crippling and undetermined board fault, and after that I forget :-)

The first Mac I owned was a IIsi, and I still have that. Most of its current
parts, the 8*24*GC card and the SCSI EN/SE ENet were bought from you, as I
recall. :-P

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