PERTEC interface (was Re: StorageTek drive)

From: Pat Finnegan <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 17:49:12 2002

OK, does anyone know of where I could get a QBUS Pertec controller (like
an Emulex QT13/14 or Dilog DQ132/153)? I looked into a Pertec->SCSI
adaptor, but there's no way in hell I'm spending the $1k or more for a new
one. I also might be interested in a Pertec->ISA or Pertec->PCI card if
it was supported under something easy to use (Linux, *BSD or


-- Pat

On Sun, 27 Jan 2002, Pat Finnegan wrote:

> I just picked up a *really cool* 9 track StorageTek drive on Saturday
> (thanks Jon!). I'm having trouble trying to find docs for one to indicate
> possible diagnostic routine #'s (I've entered all 256 combinations, and
> not observed too much interesting). The model number seems to be
> something like this (assuming it has a real model #):
> 4000002383-4
> Also, does anyone have a QBus PERTEC card they would be willing to part
> with? Or, does anyone know of a source for an ISA or PCI card that is
> supported under some sane OS (Winders or Linux preferred)?
> -- Pat
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