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From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Jan 30 17:02:35 2002

Depends on how they are doing it, and why IMHO.

We will block reception or transmittal of any mail that originates or is
destined to a mail server (MX record for the domain) that is known to be an
open relay. We consider an open relay to be a misconfigured (and likely
compromised) system. It is our right to not allow our server to come in
contact with such systems, as any contact with them is almost certainly
going to transit spam. Bear in mind that it only blocks mail traveling
through OUR server.

Don't try and say there are valid reasons for making a mail server an open
relay, there aren't. Period. No valid reason, ever.

Our method of determining an open relay is the ordb database, as well as
mail-abuse via a "DNS" lookup to their databases. It is completely
voluntary, and only affects what systems MY mail servers talk to. Both
organizations have proven to be pretty reliable in checking before putting a
server in their database, and getting it out quickly once the server admin
decides to become just a tiny bit responsible.

If you are talking about other things than open relay checking, I'd like to
know the specifics....remember, if the ISP is a responsible, reasoned admin,
he has every right to block traffic through his servers in the interest of
protecting his network - that's their sworn duty after all.

Jay West
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> Speaking of SPAM, this may be a little off-topic, but it does peratain
> to computer collecting and restoration, in that e-mail is somewhat
> necessary for such activities. Have many others found that their ISPs
> are blocking entire domains and that legitimate e-mail is refused
> (bounced) with a "go away" error message? I'm all for limiting SPAM,
> but the blocking out of entire domains of legitimate ISPs is as bad as
> the SPAM; it's equivalent to the telephone company blocking out
> incoming calls from entire area codes, or regions, because of
> telemarketers and seems to defeat the purpose of e-mail, or the
> post-office banning the delivery of mail from entire zip-codes or
> regions.
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