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From: Rick Bensene <rickb_at_bensene.com>
Date: Wed Jan 30 17:24:10 2002

Quite off-topic, but probably of interest --

For small Unix machines, how about the wristwatch that runs Linux and
uses X11 for the display, developed at IBM?

The original prototype used a small backlit LCD display, but the latest
version uses an Organic LED (OLED) display that is absolutely stunning!

The machine runs with an ARM 7 CPU (Cirrus Logic EP7211), 8 Megs of
flash memory and 8 Megs of DRAM. The OLED display is 640x480. It has a
built-in Bluetooth transceiver, Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery, a
combination of touch screen and a jog dial for user interface, infra-red
interface. The watch 'program' is 'xclock'!

There's a great article (with lots of pix) about the development in the
latest edition of IEEE's "Computer" journal (January 2002).

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Web Museum
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