PackRat Genome; spam thoughts

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Wed Jan 30 21:36:08 2002

  For the Genome files: My first computer was a borrowed Cromemco Z2H
system, 16K RAM, two Shugart SA400 drives, GE Terminet 30 console. It was
eventually returned to the owner when I moved, circa 1978.

  Second computer was a borrowed Kaypro II, from the rathole computer
store I worked at for six months.. it was a defective warranty return, and
I fixed it and then took it home for 'testing' Ran the usual suite of
Kaypro-bundled stuff atthe time (1983). From the same place I put
together (from various scrap machines) a Morrow MDII system; it remained
with me until my Collection got sold ..snif...snifff...

  The first computer I actually paid real money for was (is) a Mac SE30,
that I bought for my music studio, running Performer version 1.9. I paid
$1988.50 for the system with the software in 1986 or 7... anyway the
machine is still a part of the studio equipment, although it now runs
vintage library and MIDI set-up programs for some of my vintage synths...
it's on it's second hard drive, and was the first machine I ever had to be
infected with a virus - the replacement HD came from CMS, and a
disgruntled employee in the QC dept was squirting nVir onto random HDs as
he tested them... it would grab the Mac speaker and say 'Don't Panic..."
at odd intervals.

  This list doesn't really get much Spam, even though I hate the shit as
much as anyone... I think the cure must be adjusted to fit the severity of
the offense... we don't discipline jaywalkers with shotguns, and closing
down the list and instituting Bushian draconisms is kind of dumb, IMHO.

  The ISP I subscribe to is pretty good about such stuff, and personal
spam to my account tends to come in small waves - two or four a week for a
bit and then none...

  I just hit the 'DEL' button, and Pine takes care of the rest. There are
enough folks here who will spank the spammers, much more effectively
than I can (or have the time for), so I'm content to let it be as-is. If
the List were overwhelmed on a daily basis with the usual Usenet XXXPorn -
Warez - MakeMOneyFast - MyDaughterHasCancerSendCashPlease shit, that
would be cause for Action. Right now, I just Delete and move on.


Sanford Wallace (Surpised no-one mentioned CyberPromo yet..)
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