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From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 07:31:58 2002

>Ok, your 9-track mag tape...thats a 7970E right?

I have several 7978 drives with HPIB interfaces. I do not have a 7970 (yet).
I am hoping the 7978 will be backwards compatible and work with the 1000/E
without writing custom drivers, etc...

I have not yet hooked up any HPIB devices to the 1000. Boy, I sure wish I
had a 488 interface monitor... Hmmm... I think I know where there's one at

If anyone has any experience in making HPIB devices work with the HP 1000/E,
I'd sure appreciave any pointers.

>I'll email you some code off-list. If I email you ABS files, will your
>browser mess with them??

I have not tried to download an ABS file via email yet. I had major problems
downloading ABSs from Jeffs site using both Netscape and IE. For some
reason, both those browsers could not handle the files. I thought this was
rather strange because I have downloaded programs and other binary files
without a problem.

I was able to download clean binaries using the OPERA browser. If you have a
small ABS file, send it and I'll see what happens.

Meanwhile... I have been looking at the FST file format and it seems like it
really isn't *that* difficult. I'm gonna spend a little time and see if I
can decode (unarchive) some files into a more usable format.

Looking over the file lists on the INTEREX site, there seems to be a bunch
of really good stuff there if you can decode it. It's a real chicken and egg
situation. If you already have RTE running with the FST archive utility, you
can unarchive the files including RTE and FST. If you don't already have RTE
with the FST utility, your stuck.

I am supprized someone hasn't already written a cross platform decoder for
this. Actually, they probably have... Hmm... Bet it's archived away
somewhere in... FST FORMAT!

Thanks again for the help,

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