Scanning Microfiche (was: VT131 needs keyboard help)

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 08:01:08 2002

Andreas Freiherr wrote:
>Even if you were using a true 1200dpi device, you would end up with less
>than 30dpi after blowing up the image 1:42 back to it's original size.
>Sure, that's not what we want.

I've seen fiche scanners available
commercially (I just did a google search
when this came up a few months ago).

All the ones I found seemed to be $10K+ ...

>Some years ago, a friend of mine managed to get a couple of frames
>printed off these fiches, but the results weren't too good: poor
>contrast was the main problem. If you'd scan these prints, the results
>would certainly be unreadable.

Back in the early 1990s, I had access to
a fiche printer - i.e. something that would
print an A4 page of whatever the fiche reader
was looking at. No automation (if you
wanted the whole fiche as a set of pages
you had to line it up yourself and hit a button
for each page).

That produced reasonable quality copy.
If I still have any around I'll try to scan
a sample page.

I have no idea how much this thing cost
but it was about the same volume as
three or maybe four 21" monitors.

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