getting OT: tar, NeXT, and Mac OS X [was: RE: PKZIP problem]

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 10:18:04 2002

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> From: Jeff Hellige
> > .pkg is probably specific to NeXT, as I haven't heard of it under
> Unix.
> As the name might suggest, it is a 'package' containing the
> program and all it's associated files, likely to include installation
> scripts and anything else needed. That then generally creates an
> .app file, which is actually a directory wich includes the files but
> is seen by the NeXT as being a single executable file.
... And now Mac OS X as well ( But Mac OS's >= 9 would see it as a folder
only). Then again, Stevie did create NeXT, and now he's got Apple under his

> > -spc (And on every Unix system I've used I've found tar ... )
> Drop to the CLI on a NeXT and you'll find tar there as well.
> --
        You know, I would like to eventually get myself a NeXT system, to
see where (parts of) OS X came from. Before, I thought Windoze98 was better
than MacOS (not by much, though). Now that I'm using Mac OS X as my
workstation, I'm liking it much better.

        Sorry, I'll try to keep it On Topic. If anyone in the New Haven CT
area does have a NeXT system available, let me know. BTW, I'm kinda poor
right now... :-/

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