Computer Museum of America on Tuesday night's PBS NOVA (fwd)

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Date: Thu Jan 31 15:01:10 2002

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On Thursday 31 Jan 2002 20:30 pm, Doc wrote:
> On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, The Wanderer wrote:
> > Will there be anybody able to tape it and then convert it to an AVI file
> > or mpg
> > for download?
> Pretty please, NO avi. I'd hate to have to install Windows.

Um? You don't have to. MacOS has AVI / DivX playback. So does Linux, and
presumably FreeBSD (avifile, xine, etc.).
Personally, I'd quite like a DivX version of the programme.

Slightly more ontopic, I got hold of a DEC VXT2000+ today, without a monitor.
Could anyone give me any pointers as to how to get it going? Would it be
possible to build a cable to allow it to use a VGA monitor? What resolution
does it do? And how would I get it to boot up (assuming it even works still)?
(I'm not going to have any time to do anything with it for the next 6 weeks
or so, but I'll probably have more questions later on - hope that's okay :-)

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