Docs for Sonic IIci/SE30 Ethernet?

From: Chris <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 17:04:27 2002

>> I'm not willing to go for the "hosed" option yet. And no, of course
>> there's no part number anywhere. It has a right-angle PDS pass-through,
>> what looks like an empty FPU socket, and AUI & BNC connectors.
>How many pins is the empty socket? It might be for a boot rom, but if it's
>a 40 pin dip, it could have been where the card's cpu went. What kind of
>large chips are on the board?

The empty "fpu looking" socket might very well have been for an FPU.

most of the IIsi PDS right angle adaptors (commonly found with IIsi
ethernet cards), had an FPU option, since the IIsi didn't have one
natively. The adaptors were all the same, it was just a matter of if the
vendor filled the socket.

But that would only be the case if this empty socket is on the right
angle adaptor, and not on the ethernet card itself. If it is on the enet
card, then yeah, it might be a boot rom... but did the early mac's
support boot roms? I don't think they did. I base this on the "oh wow"
factor of the Netboot that arrived with OS 9/Original OS X Server, and on
the old "TDM - The Diskless Mac" setup by Sonic(?).


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