Nuclear Data 66?

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 16:31:26 2002

>Has anyone ever heard of Nuclear Data? I found this cool-assed computer
>today. It's an all-in-one unit (CRT/keyboard/diskdrive/CPU) and is fairly
>big (say, as big as an IBM Datamaster, bigger than a PET).

Yes. I saw one recently in a big pile of equipment SwRI was surplussing. I
couldn't divert it from the surplus stream. It was supposed to go to a
surlpus dealer around here, whose name is on a piece of paper on my desk,
which is bad news because I may never see it again. I can excavate if you
need it, no promises though.

Don't recall whether it was a '66. It seemed to have some o-scope or data
acquisition type functions on it as well as computer stuff - I did not look
                                                                - Mark
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