Video provisions on S-100 frames (was Re: 80 col Apple ][

From: M H Stein <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 19:23:14 2002


(And my apologies to the list for reviving a thread that had thankfully
petered out; I shoulda known I'd wake up Richard). My only excuse is
that I'm on the digest version & not always current.

Goshdarn it, Richard, I was sort of agreeing with you that BNCs were
not very common; all my monitors from that era also use UHF connectors
for the industrial/CCTV ones, and RCA jacks for the computer monitors
(but I didn't have the guts to challenge Tony's assertion that there were
no computer monitors in the Apple][ era).

Although others on the list apparently do have systems that actually have
BNC connectors, I must confess that I based my assertion on the fact that
both my Vector Graphics and Cromemco chassis have the distinctive 'D' cutouts
for BNC connectors on the back panel, so I assumed that cards like
the Dazzler either came with a cable to connect to a BNC jack, or it
was expected that you made your own. I could install a BNC jack, though,
and send you a picture.

I think there's a scientific principle that says it's easy to prove that
there are three-legged ducks if you have one, but to state categorically
that they don't exist anywhere is not so easy to justify.

Let's just say that in the computers of that day, if it could be done,
somebody probably did it, and let it go at that (after you have the last
word, of course :-).

Still no reply to my question about 80 cols on an Apple][ though; surely
there's somebody out there who has an answer?


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Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 08:38:26 -0700
From: "Richard Erlacher" <>
Subject: Video provisions on S-100 frames (was Re: 80 col Apple ][)

I'd be really interested in knowing specifics about this, if you have them.
I've got several S-100 boxes, and not a one has any accomodation for video
signal from an internal source. I did, in the rar distant past, own a couple
of systems, at least one of which was from Vector Graphics,
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