New Buy & VMS help wanted

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 22:04:37 2002

On January 31, Pat Finnegan wrote:
> > Wow, nice machine! :-) The ST506 MFM interface maxes out at
> > 160MB...those are probably ESDI drives. And if they are, I'm
> > jealous. :-)
> Could be ESDI... the 'boot monitor' (excuse my lack of knowledge of proper
> terms) calls them RA81's (?!?!?). The connectors look like ST-506, which
> is why I called them that. I didn't bother looking up that board when I
> 'ripped' it apart (very carefully) for cleaning. Thanks to Gordon, I'm
> gonna be getting a QT13 pertec controller, which will replace the TK50
> controller most likely. Ahhh, 9 track tapes. :)

  SWEET, an ESDI controller that does MSCP. Very nice. :-)

> Any idea if I could put another QBUS KA650 card in here and make it
> dual-cpu? I'm doubtful, but it'd be cool to try I think.

  Nope. These are uniprocessor machines. I believe there was a hack
long ago that allowed the use of two KA630 boards in a system, but it
didn't go very far, and I don't think it's possible with the KA650.


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