so, can you run UNIX on a PDP11/03 or not?

From: Brian Harrington <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 22:45:06 2002

--On Thursday, January 31, 2002 12:51 AM -0500 Gunther Schadow
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> I hear mixed messages about that. Is there someone who knows,
> and not only if any, but also which version of UNIX would run?
> I want to give it a shot.

You can. There was LSX (described in BSTJ, July 78) and and people also
got MiniUnix (a V6 variant that didn't need an MMU) to run on the LSI-11.
MiniUnix has the advantage of already being in the PUPS archive, and while
I haven't tried it, I have a book (Laboratory Minicomputing by John R.
Bourne) with a two page appendix describing the necessary mods. If you
send me your address, I'll mail you a copy.

                         -- Brian

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