Fw: DEC Vax 6000-310

From: Chris Craft <ccraft_at_springsips.com>
Date: Mon Jul 1 13:09:12 2002

Heh... I have family in the area and might be able to jump up to a machine
with much more VCF (VAX Coolness Factor). :)

Chris, VAX Fanatic

On Saturday 29 June 2002 09:53, you wrote:
> Wow..Unfortunately, while I'm probably the closest VAX enthusiast, I really
> can't justify the VUPS/meter^3 - if I had the room for it, I would grab it,
> but I'm very soon going to be forced to clean out the one space I have to
> store inactive stuff, and I can't get something that size down my basement
> stairs (really - I've got a fridge and a washer/drier that I hope never
> break, cause they're stuck down here).
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