DEC 350

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Jul 1 20:28:07 2002

--- Tony Duell <> wrote:
> > Mine has a full boat...
> There are at least 2 other CTI bus cards out there.

At least. Might be one or two more.

> One is the console interface for the VAXen that used the Pro as the
> console. If I could work out how to drive it it might actually be useful
> as it seems to contain a couple of serial ports and a GPIB interface.

Really?!? I used to have one (my Pro380 was a console to an 8530). I
have not seen it in many years. Wish I had it when I was at Lucent as
a consultant. They had one die and had to have one same-day shipped
from a digital broker - $150 for the card, $200 for shipping. I did go
home to look for mine - probably could have gotten the $150 and maybe
a little for delivery. :-(

I had no idea they were so neat. By "seems to contain..." do you mean
that there's a couple of 2661s (or some other UART) and some sort of
GPIB chip? (68488? There was a National Semi one, too, ISTR).

> The other (which I am told is difficult to find) is the Ethernet card.

The elusive DECNA...


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