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From: Michael Maginnis <>
Date: Tue Jul 2 08:40:29 2002

Sellam Ismail wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Michael Maginnis wrote:
>>wow. i had no idea they were THAT wanted... i knew they were popular,
>>but... mine are a little dirtier than the one he listed, but were in
>>working condition at last check (about 3 months ago), and have most of
>>the accessories his had.
> They represent the genesis of the Mac as well as the birth of the GUI in
> the consumer market (the Xerox 8010 beat the Lisa by 2 years but that
> found its way only into business installations).
> The Lisa represents one of the most glorious flops of the computer age,
> but has a lot of significance as a progenitor of what a lot of us use for
> computers today.
> Combined with the relative rarity of finding a Lisa 1 intact and
> working, in my opinion, it is THAT significant. As far as I know, there
> are less Lisa 1's than Apple 1's. My guess is that over time we'll start
> to see more and more Lisa 1's come out of the woodwork as word gets around
> that they're selling for $10K on eBay, and their value will drop.
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maybe i'll clean them up for the next vcf - assuming there is one. i
just finished checking out the first one - boots smoothly to office
system on the profile drive. both twiggy drives seem to be stable as
well. image is clean and crisp (at least a clean and crisp as it's going
to get on a lisa).

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