Interesting Apple ][ card

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Tue Jul 2 13:19:58 2002

On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Tony Duell wrote:

> Wel, on the 6116 and also on every PAL I've come across, the +5V pin is
> the highest numbered one. The ground pin is the diagonally-opposite one
> (pin 12 on the 6116).

Ok, then it looks like it is filtering between +5 and Ground.

> > But I'm still trying to figure out where the cable went to. Unless there
> > was a second board in another slot involved, I can't figure out how it
> > connected to the computer.
> Is there any reason to assume that there wasn't a second board? It seems
> quite likely to me.

That's what I assumed from the beginning, but I realize I failed to
mention that in my initial message.

> Somewhere I have parts of what I think is some kind of shared hard disk
> system for Apple ][s. I have one card that seems to contain the host
> adapter circuitry (and has a connector to go to the hard disk box) and
> another card that contains a firmware ROM (and not much else) which I
> believe allows a diskless Apple ][ to boot from the hard disk. I know
> _nothing_ about it (I got those boards in a pile of 'junk' that also
> included a lot of Apple ][ 80 col cards, a Z80 Softcard, serial cards,
> EPROM programmer cards, and a couple of things that weren't even related
> to the Apple ][ (A user I/O card -- PIOs and CTC for the RML 380Z...)

All of the Apple //e's I pulled the card from also had a disk controller,
some with drives still attached. I would love to find out eventually what
this was. There may well have been a card in slot 7 that the cable
plugged in to, which the computer would then boot from. The card I pulled
was in slot 2 of all the computers. If it was in slot 3 then I might
imagine it would take over when the computer booted. On the other hand, I
didn't have a lot of time when I was pulling these so I didn't pay close

One of the boards has a cap that is still identifiable. I'll repair one
of these and experiment with it in different slots to see what it does
(when I have time).

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