DEC 350

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Jul 5 01:33:00 2002

--- Tony Duell <> wrote:
> > While I was booting the Pro380, the floppy began to seek at a high
> > rate (didn't sound normal) and the PSU shut down and the white-button
> > breaker popped. It will not stay in, telling me there's a fatal
> > short somewhere in the PSU
> Why do I think this sounds like defective capacitors in the PSU box?

Could easily be. I need to get back my security torx (out on loan) before
I can remove the board from the PSU. It's held in place by several
philips-head bolts and one torx with the button in the middle.

Caps are a good guess. There are a couple of large ones near the input
side. Don't know where I'm going to find replacements.

> Can
> you get the PSU to run on dummy load (indicating the short is elsewhere
> in the machine)? I would guess not.

It does not. With a 5.25" drive as a load or with no load at all,
the breaker pops.


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