From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Fri Jul 5 04:01:31 2002

On Thu, 4 Jul 2002, Megan wrote:

> >I've got an embeded syatem based around an LSI-11/2 processor board,
> >M8044-BB (8KW?) memory, pair of DRV-11's, a MDB eprom board and ADC
> >board. What do I need to do to make this into a functional PDP-11? I've
> >got a DEC MSCP ESDI controller (don't remeber the part #), DLV-11 (8-port
> >version) serial card, TQK50, and drives from my VAXstation 3200 I can
> >try to use in it. It's from my DPE 5000, the video part of which let out
> >a bunch of magic smoke being powered on - can't find any obvious burned
> >parts, but haven't checked the power supply yet. Still, it's worth more
> >to me as a LSI(PDP)-11 than a video effects box that I can't fix.
> You haven't mentioned what kind of backplane it has (Q/Q vs. Q/CD),
> whether it has 22-bit (I suspect just 18-bit) and how many slots.

I'm betting it's as small as QBUS comes. It's a Q/Q backplane, with 4
quad-with slots. However, I could stick it into the backplane for my
VAXstation 3200, which should be 22-bit Q/Q for most of the backplane
(perhaps Q/CD for the top three quad-width slots).

> These will all affect what the suggestions.
> Going with what you have, I might suggest upping the power from
> an 11/2 to an 11/73 (KDJ11-A), which takes up no more room in the
> backplane.

OK, well, I have an 11/2 CPU and not an 11/73 CPU. If you want to dontate
an 11/73 CPU, I'd be happy to take it off your hands. :)

> >First, however, I'm sure I need DEC boot roms for it, or some other way
> >to get boot code into it. Does anyone happen to have some laying around
> >they could maybe send me an image of? Also, I'm on the lookout for a
> >RLV12 and berg cable to connect to the RL02 I have sitting around here..
> I would suggest an MXV11-B, which gives you two serial lines, memory
> and boot code in one dual-high board. Beyond that, the DEC MSCP board
> is probably an RQDX(3?) and is not ESDI (I don't think there was an
> ESDI board made by DEC... all the ones I got while inside DEC were
> made by Andromeda -- the ESDC board). Finally, a DELQA for network
> and you're all set.

The 'MSCP ESDI' board, part # "SCD-RQD11/EC" (I guess it's not a DEC
on the back, is in my VAXstation 3200, and runs a pair of 600MB-650MB
drives that appear to be ESDI. I've got a DECNA (i think) network
adaptor in my VS3200 I could try to use. Right now, I'm wanting to try
and re-use hardware I have instead of search for hardware that is hard to

Also, is it possible/easy to change the M8044-BB board (8KW?) to have at
least 16KW if not 32KW of memory? That'd be a nice upgrade for the
machine if I can do it myself with 'stock' DRAMs.

-- Pat
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