Scrap Hard Drive & PC Card Prices?

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Date: Sat Jul 6 11:46:32 2002

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> I was offered about $0.15 per pound for the hard drives a while ago and
> $1.00 per pound for the circuit boards. Since I probably have about 500
> - 1000 pounds of drives and cards, it is something worth looking into
> :). Right now, this excess is too much of a distraction and slows down
> getting other stuff done. Additionally, I've been throwing out stuff
> (non computer related) and saving the gold connectors, gold plated
> boards, etc. without any idea of what it might be worth. Time to find
> out :).

Those are good prices on your scrap. Aluminum Breakage (Hard Drives) is about
16 cents a pound and cards run from 40 cents to $2 per pound depending on the
age and how heavy the gold plate it. Cut fingers go for more. HP gold plated
boards go for $3 to $3.50 per pound. Ask your scrapper how to sort your cards
for maximum value. Remove all Aluminum and Iron for maximum value.

There are several chip recyclers out there also who will pay a premium if the
cards have chips they want to pull for resale.

Many scrappers will buy small quantities. I could direct you to one in
Portland, OR but I think you can find one locally.

Astoria, OR
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