Swap meet failure

From: Mike <kenziem_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Sat Jul 6 20:09:13 2002

Tried a Swap meet in Ottawa today. Most people misunderstand the
meaning of swap. There were more machines on my driveway after the event
that when it started.

Traded 2 small case fans for cash,
and a partial HP 9000/715 for a Cromemco system 3, 2 apple II clones, a
TI 99, 3 HP external disk drives, a few commodore 64's and a bunch of
documentation .

Left behind was a MAC PLUS, LC II, LC III, ACER ?? all with monitors, a
few external scsi boxes, and socket 7 mobo's.

On my door step last night was a TRS 80 model III and a Commodre 128,

And the night before I picked up a SGI personal iris and a compaq
contura aero.

And my favorite scrapper has a commodore SX-64 in the back.

All in all a good week, but the next swap will have to be on someone
elses drive way I no longer have space to have another.

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