Amiga 1000

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sun Jul 7 11:04:59 2002

> Well, I held off for a year and a half, but when the A1000 hit $5 I
> couldn't help it. I bought it.
> Now all I need is a keyboard, joystick, and a clue, none of which
> were available at Goodwill. I do have a display, thanks to Bill
> Bradford.
> Will a 1541 or 1571 external floppy be a good addition? Which?

Neither :-) those are for the Commodore 8-bits. Your (only?) choice for the
A1000 is a 1010, which is a single external 3.5", or maybe a 1020, which is
an external 5.25". The 1020 looks like a 1571, though.

> ISTR that there's no reasonable hope of genning up a boot floppy on a
> PC or Mac, right? So I need to find someone to dupe disks to get
> started? Or <shudder> pay for them?

I used to have some Kickstart disks around here that *might* start a A1000
but I'm not sure if I packed them off with the A1200 when I sold it (one of
my more stupid decisions). I'll look around.

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