Interesting Apple ][ card

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Jul 7 15:37:04 2002

>I've seen damaged network cards and network gear where someone plugged a
>RJ11-RJ11 cord from an analog phone system into the RJ45. I've also seen
>damage caused the same way by commercial phone systems, which used RJ45

        I was with a guy who was testing out LAN drops with a laptop
to see which ones were working and we went into a conference room
where none of the drops were labeled and due to painting and such you
couldn't tell the difference between them and the phone lines, which
were for a multiline system with intercom and all the other goodies.
He plugged the laptop up to what ended up being one of the phone
jacks and there was a nice shower of sparks. Somehow the laptop cmae
out of it without any damage.

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