For Sale or Trade

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Sun Jul 7 18:52:49 2002

As with several of us, I *NEED* to pare down the collection as it is
*WAY* out of control as a number of people who have been here can attest
to. I will most likely hold the collection down to pre 1982 or so, and
will sell/trade off the rest. This list is off the top of my head and
this is just a portion of the collection. If you see something you are
interested in, make an offer!

I've got several Philips Word Processors circa 1984 or so, and since
they fall outside of the computers I intend to collect, they are up for
sale or trade. Two of the units are approximately 30" square with 8"
drives, and the other one is integrated with a monitor and has 5 1/4"
drives. Their condition is unknown but they were working when they were
removed from service 10 years or so ago. There might be a few disks and
some documentation, but I don't know for sure. These units are fairly

I also have an 8" Cado hard drive that was removed from a Cado system
some 10+ years ago.

In checking, I have TOO many 400/800 Atari computers ... it seems
everywhere I turn I see another one. These are all working but don't
have any docs, peripherals, or cartridges with them. I *may* have extra
docs but they will take some time to find.

Ditto for the Apple ii+, iic, iie computers, monitors, and disk drives.

Ditto for the Commodore C-64 computers, 1571 drives, and 1701 (I think)
color monitors.

Ditto for the Macs. Most are SEs but the Classic, 512K, Plus, and
probably a few other models are included. I do want to keep one of each
model for the collection (realizing they are post 1984 :) )

Ditto for the Eagle II computers.

Ditto for the Mattel Aquarius computers.

Ditto for the Radio Shack Model 4.

Ditto for the Radio Shack Model 100.

Ditto for the Tandy 1000tx and I don't remember what other suffixes.

Ditto for the IBM convertibles (don't recall the model #.) They may not
have the power supply modules.

Ditto for the IBM PC.

Ditto for the Compaq luggable.

Ditto for the Zenith Data Systems Z-170 except they do have the owner's

Ditto for the Radio Shack Model II, the ones with the 8" drives.
Unfortunately, they don't have any keyboard with them.

Ditto for the Sharp PC-5000 except they most likely do have the Docs but
have a good chance of not working.

I also have quite a collection of laptops that I really don't need.

There are also a lot of 198x databooks by TI and others that I have no
use for.

Things that are (ugh) ebayable but I'll offer to the list first are:

S-100 CompuPro 8/16 computer with the 8" drives in a separate box.
PDP-11/05 Complete but I don't know if it is still working. I've had it
for almost 20 years.
PDP 11/08?
PDP MicroVax (doesn't really look complete, missing a front cover at the
very least)

On a similar note, I have a couple hundred S-100 cards, and if you are
looking for one, let me know and I might just have an extra one.

Someone (don't remember off the top of my head) wanted one of the Novell
68000 systems, and I am probably within about 6 feet or so of it.
Another couple of days and it should be within reach :).
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