For Sale or Trade

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Sun Jul 7 22:29:54 2002

Thanks to everyone who has emailed. I'll be replying sometime later

Couple of corrections:

> Ditto for the Commodore C-64 computers, 1571 drives, and 1701 (I think)
> color monitors.

The drives are 1541, and NOT 1571.

> PDP 11/08?

That sounded strange when I wrote it; it is actually a PDP 11/03.

Adding another item to the list, I have two Lasermaster controllers,
both new in the box, with cable, all software, and documentation. The
board is the LXPC/B. There is another box of LM boards that include the
AT interface board and the board that plugs into one of the printers
(doesn't look like the HP II, maybe the
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