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From: Robert Schaefer <rschaefe_at_gcfn.org>
Date: Mon Jul 8 17:08:57 2002

Came across this a few minutes ago...


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> I realize this is kind of off topic, but I also figure the people
> here are the ones most likely to be able to make use of this, so....
> As part of a package deal I have come into possesion of some rather
> large pieces of Compaq gear. I don't see us ever being able to use
> it, much less actualy need it and I don't see the boss wanting to
> store it as space is premium around here, That means I may be getting
> rid of it at real bargain prices (especially being as I have no idea
> what its value might be!)
> I am sure everyone is on the edge of their seats right now, so here
> goes.
> I have two huge boxes labeled "StorageWorks".
> One measures 31x35x67 and the other 23.5x35x44.
> I have what I assume are chassis w/power supply that go into these.
> There are no disks or sleds with these. :-(
> I also have a BA350 containing 2 HSJ40's.
> I also have two of the older style DEC racks labeled SC008-AC
> each containing a pair of boxes labeled SC008-AB.
> And cables and terminators for said boxes galore!!
> If my boss says, "get rid of it." is there likely to be anyone
> interested or should I be contacting a scrap yard??
> This stuff was all in use until about a month ago.
> Do people like Island ever buy old stuff??
> Sorry for bothering everybody, but maybe someone elses needs
> will intersect with my good fortune.
> bill
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