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From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Jul 8 21:36:00 2002

One weakness that Iomega products in general, but the Bernoulli drives
specifically, had, was that the media would develop defects which it was
difficult to map out. The large drives of the early-mid '80's with FD media
in their cartridges came with software that could, to limited extent, fix
these defects or map them out. The later rigid media drives, which I don't
believe IOMEGA manufactured, came with no such utility, and the
still-current, though probably obsolete, JAZ drives come with a utility set
that doesn't really do much. I've used nearly every version of these
devices, from the 8" to the 3-1/2", and I have to say that I've never
encountered a product line that was as disappointing. Every one of them had
a set of features that looked good in the marketing literature but never met
the mark.

I've got a basement full of 'em.


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Subject: Bernoulli drives was:Re: What is this?

>Curt Vendel wrote:
>> Sounds like the good old original Bournelli Box data cartridges.... first
>> removal hard drives for PC's.... I remember working on those
>> the original design had an issue with the power board assembly and the
>> capacitors used to explode. They were packaged into IBM XT type cases
>> when the caps blew it sounded like someone hit the case with the metal
>> baseball bat... when the case was opened, underneath the cover would be
>> marks where the cap blew out.... of course this "feature" was fixed in
>> versions ;-)
>> Curt
> for those interested in this sort of thing...
> ... there are 3 dual bournoulli 90 drives sitting at the
>290/Goodwill here in NW houston. At least 4 of the drives had cartridges
>in them
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