Goodwill Rulez!

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Tue Jul 9 00:11:00 2002

Hi. I was at the Goodwill Computer works today - big, big haul.

  Picked up:
  A Commodore cassette deck, in the box, for the Commodore 128D, with
keyboard, that I grabbed Saturday to go with the Amiga 1080 display
Bill gave me
  A 1541 floppy drive for same
  An Atari SF354 floppy, in the box, looks new.

  Tidbits and cables. I think one is the QuickTake-to-PC cable I
needed. Will check pinouts later.

  Oh, Yeah! A TRS-80 trackpad. I think I gotta go back tomorrow for
the Model 4 to go with it.

  Best of all.
  I was walking by the front counter, asked the guy "Are you holding
that pile for someone?" He says "No, somebody just donated it. It's
some kind of terminal. If you want it, you can take it all for $5." So
I took the VT320, the LK402 (?!) keyboard and the VAXstation 4000vlc
they were sitting on.

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