VRE01/VT1200 pictures

From: Bob Lafleur <bob_lafleur_at_technologist.com>
Date: Tue Jul 9 10:17:00 2002

Does your camera have automatic white balance? If so, that would make
the difference - the camera is automatically adjusting colors based on
the total picture, so when you use different light sources, it adjusts

If you have a MANUAL white balance, put up a piece of white paper, zoom
to it, and balance whites on that. Then take the white paper away and
take your pictures.

One thing you learn in photography is that what we "see" as white can
vary quite a bit. Our brain automatically adjusts based on the setting,
but there are really a wide range of whites, and a camera sees them all

   - Bob

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For those of you who've never seen a VT1200 with a VRE01 plasma


The "darker orange" colors are closer to what it actually looks like. I
was able to get these pictures after switching to "full spectrum"
compact flourescent bulbs in the computer room.

The pictures where the display appears "yellow" are from when I had one
of the GE Reveal bulbs up overhead.

Interesting how it makes a difference.


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