LAST CALL: Free Parts/Stuff in Austin, TX

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Wed Jul 10 10:42:00 2002

Lastt call on the following parts, or they will probably end up at Goodwill
ComputerWorks or in a box in the back corner of my garage:

Sun VME boards:

Heath H11 dual-8" floppy drive:

I've also got a SPARCstation 10 chassis and a SPARCstation 20 chassis
(both with power supply, motherboard, and case - you'll need CPU/RAM/HDs
 to get them operational). I need these out of the way as well.

Free for pickup in Austin, TX. Contact me if interested.


Bill Bradford 
Austin, TX        
Received on Wed Jul 10 2002 - 10:42:00 BST

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